A portrait of a city

Portrait of Vancouver

Vancouver caught in a moment of honesty, no mountains, no oceans, no cherry or magnolia trees, or mediocre architecture(with a few exceptions). Photographer Rob Kruyt is portraying a rarely revealed truth about our City, its darkness and its ugliness. That we have created policy after policy that has kept the appearance of our neighborhoods as beautiful places for beautiful people, and anything or anyone that doesn’t fit that criteria gets torn down or comes to the Downtown Eastside. Homeless people aren’t just in the Downtown Eastside, and those walls are breaking, the walls that protect the beautiful and the young, and those who want to stay beautiful and young from the realities of the fragility of the lifestyle created here, a lifestyle that is beyond the means of most people that live here, a lifestyle that has neither style or substance, but is more like smoke and mirrors.

It is the mountains, the ocean, the cherry and magnolia trees, the people i know, and for the last 15 years, one of the greatest buildings in our City that keeps me here, so maybe i just feel duped because i fell for this beautiful place. I fell in love with this beautiful place, and now, not so much. I think she’s ugly on the inside, cold and a bit of a ditz, but still pretty. Not sure where this leaves me, but maybe its like a fight with someone you love, you have to tell them about the things that are bugging you, and hope they can change or that maybe you can live with who they are, or maybe you just leave.


3 responses to “A portrait of a city

  1. I heartily approve of your anti-Clague activities.

  2. Your attempt at poetry
    is nice and shortery.

  3. This is not spew lady

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