Every time i look at a YKK zipper i think of this guy i met named Eddie on the corner of Main and Hastings whose mother worked at the YKK zipper factory in El Salvador. She worked there 25 years, got sick from copper poisoning, was fired because she couldn’t work, and now he sends her money to live on from his work as a dealer in the Downtown Eastside. He and his brother have both worked out there for years. The older brother, the one who told me the story about his Mom, also has a wife and kids, they live in Burnaby, and vacation in Osoyoos for a couple of weeks in the summer. So does Richard, the developer that evicted me and 5 others from Salsbury Garden, along with all the urban wildlife, sued us, demolished 2 hundred year old houses, destroyed thousands of species of plants, some over 100 years old, demolished a cob house built by 75 people, and then sold the property to other people, who built 2 faux heritage duplexes. I sometimes imagine them in Osoyoos, Richard and his family, Eddie and his. I think of the cycle of violence, and how these two men, besides sharing an affinity for Osoyoos in the summer, will justify their violence in the name of family.


One response to “Zippers

  1. This feels like the beginning of a book

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