Signs, signs, everywhere the signs…

I am going through old files, cleaning my place, getting ready to leave, maybe forever, i don’t know, but something is never coming back. I am looking at old articles, some about me and others i’ve worked with, papers i’ve written, and lots of really dramatic, intense, deeply confused journal writing. I turn on my old iMac which i use for music at this point. I have Martin Luther King Jr’s “I have a dream” speech on my iTunes, the setting is almost always on random play, and the speech comes on. This feels like a sign, he was before. Winter of 1994 on the History Channel, he came to me in a dream that night and i woke up knowing i had to go back to Carnegie. Feels hokey to write about, cliche. What’s the sign now, or is it just more hippy, new agey stuff that has invaded my persona since i arrived at the never ending hippy parade in Vancouver. To be honest, its also what i still love about this city(when i’m not finding it flakey and annoying), the part that i think is inherent, maybe to me too, the part that is natural, loves all the pretty colours and really believes in peace and love. Its also the part of this city it tries to hide, like an embarassing relative, that you still let hang out for the colour they provide to your life, so to speak. Unlike the Downtown Eastside which is the relative you feel bad for, are angry at, also embarassed by, but don’t want around, too much trouble, and it doesn’t fit with the current image of yourself since you abandoned your tie dye for beige.


2 responses to “Signs, signs, everywhere the signs…

  1. lol hippie nostalgic makes me laugh, that in and of itself is some value

    the new age Barbie shamans can drive their cars off a bridge

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