3 days, 3 rainbows, 1 black bear, 3 deer, 1 elk, 2 moose, 1 dead, about 5 bus drivers, a sore ass, 1 major panic attack, 6 provinces, and a lot of people details in between, and i’m here. Here in Montreal, i started to cry when we were crossing Decarie Blvd and i saw Ruby Foo’s and the Harvey’s. Not sure if it was exhaustion, recognition or relief, it was probably all of it.  Its good to be here.  Changed clothes 4 times yesterday, something i forgot about being here, the stifling heat. It rewards though, with a rain storm in the afternoon, a favourite childhood memory.  After a day of heat, you get blasted with rain. It is the softest, sexiest rain i know, heat rising from the sidewalks and were all showering together, sweaty, stinky and relieved.

Went to Schwartz’s for dinner last night, i think i cried again, but this was pure joy.  Walked down great old streets, went with some women from the hostel for some Sangria on St. Laurent Blvd, and it was jammed for Grand Prix weekend, streets are closed and everyone is outside, drinking, eating, dressed up, not dressed up, all ages. There’s more. I’m stopping here. Need to eat.


One response to “Here.

  1. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My girl is in Montréal and she has Schwartz’s in her body. Congratulations on making this journey of yours. I’m so happy for you and I can’t wait to see you.

    Mad love,


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