Today was one of those days. A day that hits you a bunch of times, then winks at you, makes you laugh, and then walks away. Like i said before, in the absence of a live body, my intimate relationships will be with places, i have sex with the city. Yesterday, we made out, i wore my pretty pink dress with a rose in my hair, carried my parasol, went to see an amazing exhibit of the last 100 years of Cuban art, took some great photo’s, graffiti, public art, and some guys dancing in the plaza of Place Des Arts, while Vicky(new friend from Mexico) and i soaked our feet in the fountain, the fountain with spades and shovels spinning in the water. You were blasting heat, then you rained, you rained on me until i was soaked, my pretty pink dress, my parasol all wet as we made our way into Chinatown for dinner. We looked for a good place to eat, saw this buffet, went in, super touristy place, didn’t bring you tea, and they served pizza, so we left. Walked further, looked at the review in front of the restaurant, then saw this old guy coming out, who told us that this place was the best so we went in. It was pretty good. We ate, left, walked, took more pictures of amazing graffiti, came back to the hostel, fried up a banana with some ben and jerry’s ice cream and some cookies and split it with Vicky, Eli, Joanna and the guy from Iceland. Then i couldn’t sleep.

I realized a couple of days ago that almost all my inner dialogue lately is in the shape of stories, or concepts for stories, and then i was experiencing these moments like i was on a soundstage, in my own film. Sort of crap day today, trying to get copy of birth certificate, skirt flying open every 2 minutes, get to office, they tell me i can have it in 2 days if i have a copy of my train ticket to NY, i go down to the train station and they say they can’t issue a train ticket without my birth certificate, i’m pissed, sad, might not be able to go to New York, i console myself with overpiced french food in a fancy old building, with stuffy rich customers, me with my bright orange bag, $1 willie smith top, $3 wrap skirt that flies open and my $7 sandals that kill my feet, i walk in the wrong door, into the coat room actually, and polite but cool waiter waves me over to the proper entrance, i eat, feel lightly buzzy from the cognac in my lobster bisque, make notes about handsome asshole sitting across from me, maybe he’s not an asshole, maybe he’s a sweetheart, but he looked like an asshole. Make my way back up to the Government offices to tell them what happened at the train station, and the very nice woman at the counter said they would issue it for me and i could pick it up before i leave on Thrursday, New York is still on. Get back, sweaty, tired, sore, no towel, mine is dirty and wet, so i ask for one at the front desk and they charge me $2 for this tiny towel, they say its for washing, i say $2. for washing this tiny towel, i eye roll, she shoulder shrugs, I take a shower, get changed and head off to do my Laundry, some guy shouts out “big tits” to me, like this is news for me, i just yell something stupid back, like “gross”. It takes forever to get there, its fucking hot, they are paving the street i’m walking on which makes it triple hot, do my laundry, head back and some cop stops me for walking on a red light, he’s speaking to me in french, i look confused, so he tells me in English, i say i’m sorry, i turn around and see these two old guys, we smile at each other, one of them winks. Winks i think, because we all know that i knew it was red. I walk further, thinking that if this was a movie, this would have been the cute scene. A little further, and the street is quiet, i hear The Beatles Because coming from the top floor of the duplex i’m approaching, i stand there, with my laundry bags, listening under the window.

Because the world is round it turns me on
Because the world is round…aaaaaahhhhhh

Because the wind is high it blows my mind
Because the wind is high……aaaaaaaahhhh

Love is all, love is new
Love is all, love is you

Because the sky is blue, it makes me cry
Because the sky is blue…….aaaaaaaahhhh


enough said.

new day today.


2 responses to “Today.

  1. hannah you get to go to ny glad you made it to QC alright, it is bloody freezing here and the dumb ass neighbors in the dumb ass neighborhood, you NY a love affair with her is like pure tonic and frustration QC is kinder and perhaps prettier

  2. Thanks for taking me on a tour of Montreal. Looking forward to visiting NYC again too.
    “the fountain with spades and shovels spinning in the water” sounds like the novel I most want to read right now.

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