A universal romance

He is everywhere. People chanting his name. Record voter turn outs. Countries all over the world engaged in this election. The election of the President of the Centre of the Universe, also known as the United States of America.   One man has captured, charmed and mobilized not just the US, but countries orbiting around it. That is serious community organizing. People are in love, i am reluctantly one of them. I look at him on youtube, i look for his flaws, i look at how they are martyring him while he is still alive, how the hopes of the people are resting on one man. I have never heard anyone publicly speak about racism as plainly as he has. I can’t write him off as more of the same, although he may be, or he may just become more of the same, because he is entering in to a system that is inherently corrupt.  I previously wrote i have no faith in leaders, i still don’t. I think it’s foolish and unfair to place our hopes on one person to make the right decisions for us, and our countries. We relenquish any power we have as human beings with personal will, skills and intelligence. We abdicate from our responsibilities as citizens and endow other human beings with the powers of an Emperor.  He is just a man, and as soon as we make anyone more than that, make them super human, they become an object, and when they fail us, we are surprised and angry. “How can they be human?”, “I didn’t vote for a human, i voted for someone to pull us out of this mess.”  I feel awakened in some way, a clarity.  I can hold the feeling of wanting someone to feel inspired by a hero, a heroine, and i can feel the inspiration.  I can know that i will vote on November 15th for people that don’t inspire me, but won’t be a complete disaster as a City Council, just a mild one. I can also know that we live in flawed systems and our faith is misplaced. I know that my faith is in the people i know. I know that i will cry tomorrow night if he wins.


One response to “A universal romance

  1. I think I might cry too. that’s okay I think. considering the circumstances.

    cross geographical huuuuuuuuuuuuugs to you Ms. Mitchell.

    Ms. Marge

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