War Buddies

I realized last week that maybe we immerse ourselves in burnout situations so we can go through controlled chaos together and come out the other side, because the rewards on the other side can be so comforting. School is one of those places. We go through personal struggle together, we lose sleep, don’t eat well, laugh from delirium, eat shitty food, and then we conquer, we get through, we sleep again, and then go for drinks. I did front-line work for a number of years, and waitressing. We had our war stories as well.  There is an intimacy that comes from struggling and surviving together. We are seen in our vulnerability and our strength, and for those moments, we are closer. Only they will understand why something is so funny, or so frustrating, or so awful, only your war buddies will know. I am conscious i don’t want to trivialize war, but the war makers trivialize it most of all, they do not value human lives and most people don’t see the daily war we are all actively engaged in. The war on us.  So maybe were all in a burnout situation, struggling and surviving together in the chaos, and trying to make it through to the other side.


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