False Peacekeepers

I am angry. I can feel it in my face. I talked to a friend today about a woman he knows who was raped by a well-known activist. He is being sued along with his friend in a defamation suit by the rapist/environmental/animal rights activist. The response to this women, primarily from other women, has been for her to be quiet, heal and get over it. She has not been quiet, she is wanting to warn women, and there have been others, but none that have been willing to step forward. She is not brave, she is actually responding appropriately, but has been met with all kinds of bullshit. She has been told by women from the community she is a part of that she needs to think of peace and how she creates her own reality. These people are new agers, “The Secret”followers, misinterpreters of buddhism and Eckhart Tolle teachings, and tolerance of bad behavior as progressive politics assholes. 

I was an apologist for the bad and criminal behaviour of the man who raised me and the woman. I have been an apologist for a charismatic leader. Someone who burns bridges, who emotionally manipulates most of the men and women who work with him. My anger about what has happened with this women, is about the almost universal response of other women, to shut her down and tell her to get over it. We claim intelligence, healing, progressive ideas, and we let men get away with violence. We act like we have no voice. We get angry at women for speaking up.  They are disturbing the false peace we are creating. They are tearing down our inspiring activist, our charismatic leader. We protect our men. Why? I know why I have done it, and I know it’s wrong. The greatest crimes in the world are committed by us, the false peacekeepers. I want to shake these people who think their lifestyle will save them. That enough Ekhart Tolle and ecstatic dance will save them from the fact that they isolated and alienated a friend, a rape victim, in favour of an arrogant, dangerous, activist, leader. All of the prayers made by Catholic Priests did not save them from facing the horror of the abuses they silently let happen. It is the cowards shield, words and worship of people that aren’t your friends, people you don’t have to answer to. Activists, like Religious figures are seen as morally upright. My experience of many activists has been that many of them don’t really like people. They have little faith in human beings, and more in their own dogma, and the words of dead white guys. 

There is behaviour that should not be given any measure of tolerance. I do believe restorative justice is a valuable way of dealing with crimes. It can only work if the people that are leading the sessions have created a safe environment, and have no relationship to the perpetrator. It can not work if the perpetrators are steeped in denial. The people around them, their apologists, women particularly; we need to find our courage to defend those who have been harmed. Even after the billions of acts of violence against women. We cannot let it desensitize us or let us continue to become complacent, or to just get over it. War counts on our desensitization and our complacency. We need to claim our bodies as valuable places, places that will get bruised through life, and knowing that it is natural. Abuse and torture isn’t. The appropriate response when that happens, is to defend and speak up for the person who has been harmed or violated. Muntader al Zaidi spoke up for millions of people when he threw his shoes the other day. In this case, the guy had it coming.


3 responses to “False Peacekeepers

  1. I am guessing that if a ‘neo-hippie’ reads this blog, they are going to think… “hmmm, hannamitchell is angry, she needs to look into herself and see where that anger came from, it is her own and it will fester inside of her and ruin her life. Free yourself!!”

    To be honest, I too think this way, acknowledging that, to a certain extent, we create own pain in life and we can also let it go. Of course, I still believe that, however, there is a fine line here. I am understanding this line even more now that this rape victim has spoken up I’m witnessing the reactions she is receiving from these so called ‘peace-makers’. This fine line, to me, is seeing when a fellow human being has been wronged, that we must stand behind her, that she needs HELP… as peace-makers, neo-hippies, activists, everyone! If we say that we are *always* the own architects of our pain, then anyone can harm anyone and there is no price to pay.

    This is our sister. She was alone with this rapist, and he took advantage of her. How can you expect her to sweep this under the rug, hush up and get on with her life, when another human being violated her when she was defenceless? People go to JAIL for this crime and he was left alone because some people decided to take his word over hers. Why? Because there are no witnesses. Nice.

    Now there are other women, completely unaware of this crime that he has committed who are going to be a part of this man’s life, and he may very well do the same to them. Then what? We keep her hush hush, and continue to let him roam the earth, raping other women? It makes no sense to me that ANYONE would think that something like this should be forgotten.

    Imagine it happening to you and then having fellow human beings, sisters, trying to shut you up and keep the rapist in their lives. How is that peace-making? That this man is welcome in circles that advocate love, light and peace is mind-boggling to me.

    No matter what words are being filtered through his mouth, words cannot convince me of him being enlightened. It’s a feeling I get, my intuition is sensitive and strong. When I saw this raping man at a recent event, he emanated egotistic, negative vibes. And no, it wasn’t me emanating egotistic, negative vibes and inevitably receiving what I give out… no. I was uncomfortable that there was a rapist dancing freely where I dance. That I am kind and loving to everyone and I was dancing in the same place as a rapist. It made no sense to me. I saw him as a brother, one who lives through ego, I felt sad for him… and yet still, I intuitively felt those vibes. And those of us who are speaking out with this victim, are aware of it. The ‘peace-makers’ are blind to it. Peace, love and happiness, again, to me, is about being in the ever-present now. Let’s all come into the now NOW, and feel the vibe of this criminal act, and make him pay a price for what he has done.

    • To clarify, i have nothing against hippies, buddhism or Ekhart Tolle, I do have something against people who use it to shield themselves from any responsibility. I do know what it’s like to not be believed. I only write about what i have experience with, and I ask questions about what I want to know more about. I am glad she has your support.

  2. I myself am a hippie, love Ekhart Tolle and respect buddhism immensely and I didn’t take any offense by what you said. I TOTALLY agree about how people use it to shield themselves from responsibility. That drives me crazy!
    I am glad she has your support too.

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