Day 15

870 Palestinians dead, 200 of them, children. Thousands injured. Since the ground troops rolled in, 14 Israelis have died. All these numbers feel so random, and inevitably distorted depending on the news source. 1 is too many. I listen everyday and I feel like I understand less what is happening in Gaza.
Writing about this makes me feel like a child, looking at the violence unfolding in front of her and begging for it to stop. I heard someone on the CBC this morning saying that Palestinians and Israelis are being held hostage by their governments, that felt true. At the same time, we put them there, corporate interests put them there, and keep them there.

We protest in the streets at consulates to demand an end to the violence. I should be clear, I have not protested. I am conflicted about being there. I don’t know entirely why. I don’t attend alot of protests. Maybe it would help, but my experience has been that it is about taking sides, and people can get pretty ignorant with each other. The little wars opposing the war. Ultimately these protests are shaping public opinion of what is happening in Gaza, they are incredibly important as a place for people to voice their outrage, frustration and sadness. For now, this is my place.


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