Us and them

20976-64671I looked at the cover of the Vancouver Sun yesterday and the photo on the cover is of President Barack Obama and Governor General Michaelle Jean. They are laughing, and the caption above reads” I love this country”. Us, he loves us. I believe him too. I realized after looking at this headline, that possibly for this first time in history, Canada has a bigger asshole in Government than the US. What are we going to do now? What will happen to our passive-aggressive smugness? They’re the stupid rich kid that doesn’t get how they hurt people, and we’re the smarter working class kid, who’s always mocking them.  Maybe this was all coming, we get our turn with an asshole that doesn’t let 16 year old girls from Hong Kong in to the Country, or dance troupes from Guyana.  Cuts the arts budgets in half, wants to sell off our resources, take away human rights, further pollute the planet, moralize about addiction, let drug addicts die alone in alleys, and make us war mongers, make us like them.  I know we’re feeling bad right now, their guy is cooler, better looking, potentially smarter, maybe not, our guy may be an asshole, but he’s a smart asshole.  Our humility has always had a false ring to it. Were not really humble, were self deprecating, but in a liberal, superior kind of way. Maybe we need to come to terms with the fact that were related, that our rich stupid cousin, may not be so stupid. Maybe we can be more honest with ourselves. We have a lot in common, but were also very different.  We don’t have to compete with them, it was part of our charm that we weren’t the same. When I look at this photo, I feel happy. Like maybe we can be friends, or maybe they’ll just be friends, and we can continue whining about our asshole and why we don’t have inaugurations as big as theirs.


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