small town mayor

Written after the November 14th 2008 election
Not sure why I wanted to post it other than it was sitting in drafts for this long and didn’t feel like deleting it. Our new council has proven to be a mixed bag of some bold choices, safe ones, and some disturbing ones. They aren’t as lousy as the last council, but that’s not saying much. I did have some hope for this crew, as seen below. They inevitably are trying to please a whole city, or maybe just developers. I guess I just don’t really believe that this system works, because it doesn’t work for everybody, and we should have a system that works for everybody, it can be done, I know it can, it’s just way harder to do. Read on if you still feel like it. Have a good day.

In the last year I have thought alot about what it would take to make Vancouver less fucked up. Two things- a kick in the head, and  bold, creative leadership from our City Council.  It seems as if we might be getting one of those.   I have described Vancouver as a small town in conflict with the part of herself that is a social-climbing, hedonistic, gold-digging, pathetic, pushing 40, party girl. Well maybe not quite like that. I am 41 after all.  Gregor Robertson is a farmer, and a Mayor.  He makes juice, rides his bike, has hippy activist roots.  He is our small town Mayor.  He looks like this city, or how it used to look, before it abandoned it’s tie-dye for beige( although he does wear alot of beige).  I’m not being sentimental, i’m just conscious that there was a time in this city where people seemed to have more fun, inspiring movements were growing, and there was some boldness being shown. We have been devastatingly complacent about the issues of dying women at the hands of serial killers, overdose deaths, homelessness and our epidemic HIV infection rates. We have been because we have moralized their deaths and their life situations.  The tie- dye set believed in peace and love, and freedom.  Not about confining people to socially appropriate boxes. Yeah, they were flakey, and there were problems with the movements that grew out of the 60’s, they were human, of course there will be problems. Regardless, their intention was to change the messed up world they were seeing around them. A world that valued power over love, war over peace, money over humanity. I can only hope that our small town mayor and his friends still believe the reverse to be true.


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