Morton Rosen

HPIM1162My mother has loved 3 men in her life. Her father, her boyfriend from high school and Morton Rosen. They are friends, they have been for the last 10 years. He turned 91 on May 17th and died yesterday June 20th. He has been like family, the kind of family that you like other people to meet. He laughed easy, he teased my mom regularly and lovingly, never taking her too seriously, or himself. Morton never married or had any kids. Not completely sure why, but he never seemed like someone who is full of regrets. He had a pretty good time while he was here. Always full of great stories about gold panning, battling a bear, living close to avocado trees, travelling, and doing all kinds of work, meeting all kinds of people, and making himself laugh as much as anyone, more of a snicker actually. In the last 10 years he was spending time with my Mom, I had never seen her so comfortable with anyone, maybe because for the first time in her adult life, she felt accepted and safe with a man.

My friends that have met Morton, love him, he was hard not to love. I think I aspire, as do many people I know, to be more like Morton, to shrug things off, to laugh easy, and to still be flirting in to my 90’s. When he went in to the hospital a few months ago, his walls were bare and there were no flowers, so I brought him some photos to put on the bulletin board in front of his bed, so he could see me, my friend Marge and my Mom. I hadn’t gone to see him since they moved him to the Louis Brier Hospital. I felt bad. I said I would come by the weekend after his birthday and I never did. I will miss him, very much. I will miss him more than my own father, because he gave us a great gift, late in our lives, my mom and me.


3 responses to “Morton Rosen

  1. Our Dear Morton Rosen. let me learn from you.

    to find good spirit in all those I encounter
    to love ice cream with loved ones
    to live with joy, with laughter and kindness.

    I wish I could be in ceremony with your passing.

    My deep condolences to your loved ones and family.

    • thanks Marge. We’ll have a good dinner in Steveston with ice cream, with loved ones, but minus the bumpy ride. Not sure if that’s funny yet.

  2. I am sorry to hear about Morton’s passing. I think I met him once. Yes, he seemed like a wonderful man. I am glad that he was / is in your mom’s and your life.

    Love Ian

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