Why I love flubs

What I like about recorded flubs is that they make really talented people look human. I think that’s why bloopers are so popular. I was listenting to my favourite version of “The Weight” by The Band performed by Harry Manx and a bunch of other accomplished musicians in his recording of Live at the Basement. There are a few points where they forget the words, and they laugh, everyone laughs with them, they keep going, and me and my friend who are listening on the other end, are laughing too. Ella Fitzgerald’s version of “Mack the Knife” is one of the best, because she skillfully and humourously moves through the lines that she didn’t remember. I often find things and people that appear perfect, oppressive. Probably because it’s not natural. I realized when I was working on my final project for school, that I was trying to make it perfect, and it was never going to happen. It was going to be what it was, and the best I could make it. I admire people who work so hard to get really good at what they do, and love what they do, and have enough confidence in themselves to laugh at their own stuff.


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