Why… weirds me out

Generally I’m not a writing snob. My grammar and punctuation are horrible, as anyone can tell by reading my blog. I do have some peeves though. First is the excessive use of…I’ve been getting e-mail from some people who do this… constantly. It’s like their drooling, or sighing like a teenager full of melancholy. I hate it. I think it’s supposed to look poetic, but it just looks like fill in the blanks. I see the place for it, but it’s often only one place, not ten. Also, shortening really bugs me. LOL, OMG, WTF, and when people say Docs. It seems like another sign of our laziness. I never liked shortening people’s names either, unless I met them when it was already shortened, like my friend Kate, who is Kathleen. Although I don’t think I would say laugh out loud, I would say oh my god and what the fuck. The long versions though. That’s it, until I find something equally useless and snarky to bitch about.


One response to “Why… weirds me out

  1. Ellipsis, I meant an ellipsis, but I didn’t know what it was called until the other day. I think I had heard it years ago, but it never stuck…

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