I am cursed to sleep below noisy people

I am house sitting at a very lovely place just off Robson Street. Surprisingly quiet with the exception of the cow that lives upstairs who wears her heels around the house and so does her friend that has been giving her orgasms the last couple of mornings, not sure if he is in heels, or if it’s a he at all. I don’t really care. I just care that she plays her music at 12:30 at night, bangs around at 4am with no sense of anyone around her having to sleep. I find it appalling actually. These people like the ones I lived under for almost 4 years, with little consciousness of the impact on those around them, under them. What does this bitch upstairs do when the people who are usually here are home? They have a little baby. Anyway, couldn’t sleep because of the noise, and one of the cats that I’m looking after here licked my earplugs, so I was heading to the bathroom to find something like peroxide to clean them, and see if I can sleep. Mostly I can’t. I just want to go yell at somebody, like this self-absorbed twat upstairs. It’s so oppressive, noise coming from above, like someone is stepping on you. I can remember countless times wanting to grab the feet of my young neighbour and pull her right through the floor to make her stop. My head feeling swollen from all the tension, lack of sleep. Maybe all the sleep deprivation over the years is why I’m feeling more nuts than ever.


One response to “I am cursed to sleep below noisy people

  1. She also listens to Sarah McLachlan, ugh.

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