2009 is almost over, thank you.

Many positive things happened to me this year. So, since this blog is more often about misery than joy, I will end the year, and therefore begin it, with joy.

My best of 2009

January 31st – I broke through my 4 year creative block and figured out what I wanted to say with my student film.

April 24th- Screened my film, received the MVP Award for the Documentary program, and discovered my confidence as an artist.

June 23rd- Had 13 fibroid tumours removed from my uterus.

Had many amazing friends take care of me while I was recovering from surgery, and many more lend me their homes while I’ve been without one.
I have had tremendously positive feedback about my film, and not just from friends and family.
I get to take care of the person who brought me into the world, at moments it feels like a burden, others like a gift.

This whole year has been filled with burdens, struggles, a lot of laughing and crying, many gifts, and counterintuitive decisions. Most years have probably been like that, it’s just never been so glaring.

Happy New Year to me, and to you.
My wishes for myself and the world: I wish for clarity to fall over the universe like a rainstorm on a hot day, a relief, and a reminder to never be complacent. That we walk out of the haze of the multitude of morally ambiguous choices we make every day, and make the one we would have made if we had nothing to lose.


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