Why I liked “Avatar”.

Written January 13th 2010

I saw “Avatar” tonight. I’m not sure what to say after that. How many people in the world said they saw “Avatar” tonight? Who knows. A lot I imagine. It was a traditional story. Lots of macho nutcases trying to destroy the earth, trying to destroy the land that the noble savages hold sacred. It essentially a Cowboys and Indians story, and in this case, the Indians win. Sorry if I’ve spoiled this for anyone, but nobody really reads this blog, so if you do, and you haven’t seen “Avatar”, I’m sorry, and It’s still worth seeing. It is worth seeing beause it is spectacularly beautiful. It is awesome, and I will stress the awe. It is a fairytale. In the grandest sense. The year is 2154, and a corporation is planning on mining on Pandora, a lush, Earth-like moon of the planet Polyphemus, A place where they understand that there is no seperation between them and the earth, the animals, and each other, and they will die to protect it. There is nothing worth selling it for, because there is nothing that means more. Nothing. Their land is worth fortunes to the Cowboys that want to destroy it, and them.

“Avatar” is a very hopeful story. It seems rare in reality or in fiction that the military and the corporations lose. It is a relief when they do. The worst of them, in his armour, like every cowboy/soldier/puppet/machine before him, heading in to the hills to liberate or eliminate the savages, the communists and the terrorists. There is a traitor, a traitor to both sides, a sleeping beauty, half alive, half of his body alive, a parapelegic. He recognizes the world he comes from is all about death. He prays to a sacred tree, in his incarnation as a large blue man with a tail, and great ears, one of the indigenous people, the Na’vi. He tells the tree, that where he comes from they already killed their mother and he vows to this mother that he will fight for her, and he does, and they win. They win.

The ten-foot tall blue man, parapalegic marine, sleeping beauty talks about being born twice. What story would I tell if I were being reborn? I might tell this one. The story where I am fearless with almost everything. Almost, because I’m still human. In this story I fight for the earth I love. I stand firm for myself, because I know and love who I am. My heart is open. I am not bound by my insecurity, or falsely guided by my arrogance. I am gentle, but incredibly strong. In my story, the earth survives, and us, well, just like in “Avatar”, the ones who get to stay, are the ones who are good to their Mother.


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