In Memory of Doris Joan Goodman

Doris Joan Goodman
June 27 1935- May 29 2010
It is with deep sadness that we let the world know, Doris Joan Goodman is no longer in it. Our mother, funny, beautiful, rude, blunt, big hearted, occasionally petty, giant romantic, mother to many, with a smile that melted quite a few of the somber
grumps that crossed her path, and delighted many others, and with equal intensity possessed a glare that would shut down arrogant and misbehaving children of all ages. Our mother, our friend, our acquaintance, Doris, is finally free of the body that
has given her nothing but a hard time for the last 50 years. She is free to wear pumps, dance, swim in the ocean, ride a bike, eat anything she wants, and travel in whatever universe she exists in outside of this one. If none of that happens, if her spirit simply becomes part of the world, another guide out there, wherever people go, we are blessed to have her. Maybe she can kick us in to shape, no nonsense, get it together, do the right thing, love each other, and smile, alot, it helps with the pain.

Doris Joan Goodman is survived by her daughterʼs Gail, Sari, Rhonda, and Sharon and her Son David. Her Grandchildren, Joshua, Emmett, and Cole, and Grand-cats Leo and Lulu. Predeceased by her beloved father Louis Brody Goodman and her mother Marie Goodman. Her friends, and all the people in her neighbourhood in the West End of Vancouver who were touched by her very bright spirit, we will all miss you very much.


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