Who or what has inspired me lately or in general

The Earth- because it lets me know everyday, If I’m paying attention, who’s in charge. It is also my constant reminder that anything can happen, that life and death is in every moment, and to stay humble, open, and reverant.

Anisah Madden and Patrick Stephenson because they are doing it- living off the grid, but not opting out, and having a pretty good time.

5 films about Christo and Jean Claude- Albert and David Maysles and Charlotte Zwerin

Barb Clague because she is amazing.

The inflexible people, the ones who can’t be bent towards compromising with a toxic system.

The film Young at Heart and the Young at Heart Chorus, for showing me again that music is one of the most powerful artistic mediums we have. http://www.youngatheartchorus.com/

Dziga Vertov’s-  Man with the Movie Camera

Freegan- http://freegan.info/?page=home

Dave Eggers and 826 Valencia – http://www.826valencia.org/

Al Jazeera -http://english.aljazeera.net/NR/exeres/55ABE840-AC30-41D2-BDC9-06BBE2A36665.htm

Candelaria and Herman Zapp and their 3 children Pampa, Tehue and Paloma- http://www.argentinaalaska.com/eng/index.htm

Jennifer 8 Lee and the Fortune Cookie Chronicles –http://www.fortunecookiechronicles.com/

Marlene and Sam George because they are so in love.

My friends raising children in this world.

Sunflower seeds sprouting through soil, because they break out of a hard shell that they wear at the top of their sprouting point almost like a helmet, protecting them through the hard parts and dropping it when it’s no longer necessary.

Marian Anderson for having one of the most beautiful singing voices i have ever heard.

Jeremy Liu and the Bitter Melon Society- http://www.bittermelon.org/index.html

Annie Roy and Pierre Allard and ATSA- http://www.atsa.qc.ca/pages/conferencesandworkshops.asp

Margaret Mitchell because she spoke of the violence against women in a room that responded to her with laughter, and she stood in the truth, and the laughter became shame. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Margaret_Mitchell_%28Canadian_politician%29

Eve Ensler for speaking her truth, exposing violence, and saying vagina over and over again until it becomes normal, until it becomes normal that we see ourselves, as women, and that we see women as whole beings, real, valuable, essential, and human beings. –http://www.vday.org/contents/vday/aboutvday/eveensler

Geez Magazine and the Make Affluence History Campaign- http://www.geezmagazine.org/

Tikkun Magazine for providing some balanced discussion on the Issues of Israel and Palestine, and creating content that gives me some pride in being jewish. – http://www.tikkun.org/

Derrick Jensen for writing A language Older than Words, because it made me feel less alone, and it challenged me to look at what’s ugly about the world, and to keep looking and to look away when I need to, but to look back, because i’ll be okay. – http://www.derrickjensen.org/

Bruce Alexander for a lifetime of research in addiction and findings that have made more sense to me than anything else I have heard. Because he is curious, and genuinely interested in change. – http://www.cfdp.ca/roots.pdf

Doris Goodman, my mother, because she is still changing in her 70’s. She seems to take things less personally, she’s durable, and would do anything for me. And even though has lived with physical and emotional pain all her life, she is still funny.


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